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Today’s business environment is increasingly complex. Fast-changing regulations, more competition, and rising costs make it difficult for businesses to stay profitable. Here at VIE, we can help you do it all.

For nearly two decades, our team of experts have stood at the forefront of profitable business growth. Pioneering new strategies for increasing profits, operational efficiency, growth, and customer satisfaction, we’re always ahead of the industry curve.

As a result, VIE can rapidly address your organization’s priorities and prepare you for change.

As your trusted partner, VIE can maximize profits and optimize performance, while you focus on delivering exceptional services to your clients and customers.

We deliver our service through an integrated group of specialists that is specifically developed and tailored to each business and who has deep expertise in financial and business growth strategies and execution.

This is how to work with us:

Call with Lisa Miller

On your initial consultation call we will want to learn about your goals and how VIE can support you and your team.


Create a Customized Approach

The team at VIE Healthcare will create a customized solution specifically focused on your hospitals needs and the outcomes you want to achieve.


Collaborate To Achieve Your Goals

VIE Healthcare will dedicate expertise and resources that supports you and your team to your success.


Whether you are starting a new business, looking to grow your existing business, or planning to sell your business, you will require the assistance of an experienced adviser to partner with you to maximize your success.

Our COMPREHENSIVE Business Improvement Expertise Includes:

Margin Improvement Advisory Services

Cost Savings Solutions

Profit Improvement Strategies

Supply Chain Strategies

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2111 Route 34, Wall, New Jersey 07719
(732) 359-7646

© VIE Business Consulting I Policies